About Optiwatt

What Is Optiwatt?

Optiwatt is a sophisticated control box designed to increase the number of fixtures on any given circuit by managing which lighting fixtures are illuminated at any given time. Just one single controller can manage 12 separate display circuits, each capable of handling up to 600 Watts. This allows you to display up to 7200 Watts of Display on a single circuit! ... and at 1/12th the energy usage!

Why Optiwatt?

Save Energy

  • Have every fixture lamped to its maximum (600 watts) and still save money! Turn one circuit on and all the others are automatically turned off, so only 600 watts of every 7,200 watts are in use at any one time.

Save on Air Conditioning

  • Cool down your showroom! By using only 600 of the potential 7,200 watts, your air conditioning costs can be kept to a minimium.

Save on Electrician costs

  • Optiwatt is easy to install... just plug your fixtures into the control unit and plug it in!
  • Optiwatt means lower power demand which means smaller breaker panels, and with plug-in installation, lower electrician costs.

Time is Money!

  • Optiwatt is so quick and easy, you’ll end up with more time to arrange displays, clean fixtures, etc.

Increase Sales

  • Your sales team can illuminate fixtures of interest to the customer without overwhelming them with a fully-lit display.
  • Customers can also enjoy using the wired touch pad. This provides them with the opportunity to interact more effectively with your display.

What Can I Display with Optiwatt?

You can display any type of lighting fixtures using your Optiwatt controller. Optiwatt systems have been installed in Wall Panel displays, Ceiling Cloud displays, Lab Environments, Free-standing Lamp displays, even to control different views of Outdoor lighting displays. The Optiwatt controllers can manage Incandescent Fixtures, Fluorescent Fixtures, Even Low-Voltage Fixtures.

How Does Optiwatt Save Me Money?

Optiwatt saves you money by limiting the amount of electricity used by your displays. Also, by reducing the number of fixtures illuminated at any given time, Optiwatt users can significantly reduce air conditioning costs.

You can also save on installation costs by reducing the circuit requirements for your showroom.

How Does Optiwatt Help Me With Sales and Promotions?

Because Optiwatt controls which fixtures are illuminated, customers, and/or your sales staff, can clearly view the illumination of specific fixtures without conflicting with the light from other fixtures on the same display. Furthermore, your customers will be able to view the fixture fully lamped. The simple switching also allows you to easily transition from scene to scene in a lab or comparable environment.

The Optiwatt main control unit is also available with a built-in timer, designed to "return" to a special circuit after a preset time period. This circuit is used to highlight promotional or top selling items without intervention.

Optiwatt users have told us that the system helps them to convey an image of technical proficiency while building customer confidence and loyalty.